Farmers warned of mud on roads this winter

Local forces including Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire police have issued reminders to farmers and road users about the dangers of mud on the roads in wintry conditions.

Lincolnshire Police has joined other county forces in warning that farmers and contractors who fail to clean up mud deposits may be liable under the Highways Act 1980.

What do I need to do? 

Farmers and contractors are advised to take the following measures to avoid excessive mud deposits on public roads:

  • Clean vehicles and equipment before they are taken onto public roads where possible.
  • Keep to farm roads and minor roads where possible.
  • Drive at low speeds to keep mud on the vehicle.
  • Clean roads at the end of the working day, and during the day as necessary.
  • Use warning signs and sub plates such as “slippery road”, “mud on road” and “men at work” to provide maximum visibility and warning to other road users. Record in writing your decisions to display signage. Click here to view our range of safety signs.
  • Agree prior to using contractors who is liable for mud on roads

How can I report mud on the roads?

You can usually report mud on the roads to your local county council either by phone or online. In an emergency or serious accident call 999. 

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